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Virginia Seeley Burgher


Elinor Nash Seeley

Is a Designer based in Tulsa, OK

Ginny is from Dallas, TX and attended The University of Oklahoma despite being descended from and surrounded by generations of Texas Longhorns. Just after completing graduate school (to become a therapist), Ginny got married and combined her two undergraduate concentrations (Interior Design & Communication) to create her own wedding suite. She began to get many requests to design invitations for others because of her highly custom process and hasn't looked back. She joined her mother's business last year to expand the shop from decorations to invitations!

Ginny was a serious ballet student growing up, loves history & art, and wants to learn to needlepoint beyond what cross stitch she learned from her extensive collection of American Girl Dolls. She is not very athletic despite claiming to play tennis her whole life. There were many lessons, but really her best sport is probably croquet.

Is a Dealer of Antiques & Vintage

based in Dallas, TX

Elinor is from Houston, TX and if you read from left to right, you already know she attended The University of Texas, where she got her degree in History and minor in English. Before having children, she was a paralegal in Los Angeles and met her husband of 35 years on a weekend trip to Santa Barbara, where he lived. After her children were old enough, she began her journey back to work, using her knowledge of history and keen eye for decorating to begin acquiring and selling classic vintage and antique pieces. Before the internet was what it is today and long before social media, she sold these pieces at antique malls.

Elinor loves gardening and has added raised beds to her back and side yards in recent years where she is now able to grow vegetables. She also reads about a book a day- mostly mysteries!

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