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Photographer: Kelbert McFarland Photography



It is August! Today in 1936, Yves Saint-Laurent was born in a villa in Algeria. We are going to look at how the famous designer grew up and his houses. They had a second house in France, which is pictured below (from the YSL Museum).

But it is because of his childhood in Algeria, that he acquired his Morocco house. We will look at that house first, from an Elle Decor feature last year.

The house is covered in Moroccan patterns, including the porcelain pieces. While we deal in a lot of Chinese export in our shop (being Southern), we also love these displayed pieces YSL has throughout the house.

We also love the art in this room. It is perfectly curated to suit the space. A French fashion designer obviously would have also needed a Paris apartment, which he did have. Architectural Digest published the following photo of it.

This photo of his dining room in Paris shows that he liked to live in the same refined style in which he grew up. Even the chairs are gold gilded. The designer was a fashion addict his whole life, known to make paper dolls at a young age and help the women in his family with their outfits. We can see this in his homes, as they are styled to the max. Happy Birthday, YSL!