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Baroness Nicholson's House

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Today in history, British politician Baroness Emma Nicholson was born. She is of the famous Nicholson gin family and while her father, Sir Godfrey Nicholson, was ennobled in his lifetime, her mother was Lady Katherine Lindsay of the ancient Clan Lindsay.

Side note: I am actually "related" to my husband via the Lindsay clan so we will save their houses for a more in depth post. My connection is much more distant- our Harris family (who started the newspaper in East Texas we have covered before) were the grandchildren of a Hamilton woman whose several greats grandfather was Lord Claud Hamilton, whose several greats grandparents were Lord George Seton and Lady Christian Lindsay. My husband's grandmother was a Lindsay, sister is "Lindsay," and her daughter...so with my Lindsay being so far back in time, don't worry we are not close cousins!

Back to Baroness Nicholson herself: She spends much of her time at the house of her sister and her husband Baronet John Montgomery-Cuninghame and even has her own room at The Old Rectory in Brightwalton. The Telegraph covered their Berkshire house. The circa 1873 house was built by famed architect, George Edmond Street, who liked to work in the gothic style. The house has carved gargoyles as well as shells, birds, and flowers. The main hall is very Victorian-gothic, with dark woodwork and a stone fireplace. As you can see from the photos, the house is furnished in typical English country style. The property is either for sale or recently sold and it is the ideal English country house IMO!