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Photographer: Kelbert McFarland Photography


Curb (Your Enthusiasm) Appeal

Today in history, actress Cheryl Hines was born. She is best known for her role on Curb Your Enthusiasm, a show which one of my in-law's neighbors, Susie Essman, also starred in. However, she may be even better known as Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s wife. In this post we will look at both Curb Your Enthusiasm ladies' houses. Both are conveniently detailed by articles in Variety from which most of the following info and photos are taken.

The Kennedys love a compound and Robert Jr. and Cheryl's Malibu compound was listed for rent recently for $50,000 a month. The house previously belonged to an Emmy-winning composer.

The property is almost an acre and full of guest houses, pool houses, and other outbuildings that all look like barns.

A nod to his Uncle JFK and Aunt Jackie hangs in this bedroom. We also noticed many bronze eagle pieces throughout the house that reflect the Kennedy's patriotism, like the lamp shown here. The room below serves as a library and is filled with not only eagles, but birds of every kind.

Prior to their marriage, Cheryl was married to a manager and they lived in a mid-century Cape Cod style house in Brentwood. We cannot find a photo of this house but we happen to live in a mid-century Cape Cod and grew up with family in Brentwood so we can use our imaginations. More interestingly, prior to marriage to Cheryl, Kennedy infamously became a widower. He sold the Bedford, NY house where his second wife Mary Richardson committed suicide allegedly due to the Kennedy Curse. She was an interior designer and the house was renovated to be totally green, so we have to include a few photos of this house as well.

Here is the house and below are a couple interior shots.

Love the floors in the main living area and the use of sculpture of all kinds...

Moving on to co-star, Susie Essman, but not moving on from the Hudson Valley: The actress' country house is the next one over from the house where my husband grew up and where my in-laws live in Selkirk, NY in the hamlet of Bethlehem. We always walk past it when walking the trail along the Hudson River and I have wondered what the interiors are like. Below is a photo from one of my many walks.

Thanks to the '20s Colonial Revival house being for sale, I can now see inside.

The house maintains the integrity of the original early 20th century architecture but is very freshly updated. I believe my mother-in-law actually helped with the renovation (she is a designer) but will have to fact check that!

This fireplace flanked by french doors is beautiful.

Love the hardware and cabinetry in the kitchen and breakfast room shown here.

The house sits on a hill further back from the river than my in-law's house but has the perfect view of the Hudson from the pool.

Urgently thinking of a way to invite myself over to lounge by the pool before summer ends (tomorrow) and before this prime real estate sells (probably already?!)...and that sums up the houses of our two Curb Your Enthusiam starlets. Off to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm!