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Photographer: Kelbert McFarland Photography


Downton Decor

Elinor (our shop curator) watched Downton Abbey as it aired while I (Ginny, the designer) just finished season 2! I had watched season 1 when I borrowed my grandfather's box set and watched the whole season 2 this past week on Prime. I wanted to share some period pieces based on the style of the set for seasons 1 and 2 (Titanic sinking in 1912 to a new decade- the roaring 20s). As I am living in a 1930s house with my new husband, I had decided to decorate based on this time period to give the house an antique rather than vintage feel. So basically I went with the decades prior to the construction of our little cottage style house. The 1910s & 20s were when our town was established so the style flows naturally.

Kate Middleton touring the Downton Set

One thing I have a lot of (maybe too much?!) throughout my house is gold gilt pieces. I have several mirrors, many frames, and even my hallway light fixture, not to mention the vanity trays. These pieces are something I can always use and will not go out of style. They are important in a room simply for their shine. Rooms need something that catches the light! I could not believe the pieces in the scene below. The lamps and bookcase detailing are gorgeous.

We normally stock gold gilt frames in the shop and mirrors and light fixtures when we find one so check back periodically.