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Photographer: Kelbert McFarland Photography


Happy Birthday, Harry! Hogwarts Houses

Today is J.K. Rowling's birthday and of course, her hero character, Harry Potter's. Though the Hogwarts houses are fictional, we will look at the sets from the movies and some of the real locations of filming. Hogwarts scenes were filmed at Alnwick Castle, Glouchester Cathedral, and Christ Church. I am so excited our family is going to England this Christmas to visit our newest addition- my little British niece will be born in about a month- and hope it will be just like Hogwarts at Christmas!

I have always loved the Gryffindor Common Room for its renaissance tapestries and oriental rugs. I chose my university based on the library looking most like Hogwarts essentially with a few other factors. Our first filming location, Alnwick, is recognizable from the movies and is the quintessential castle.

Alnwick belongs to the Duke of Northumberland, Ralph Percy. We have a long history of studying genealogy in our family and a lot of information was passed on to us through our Harris family in East Texas, where Elinor was born. Just before our Harris family came to the South, they were Tudor landowners/knights named Sir Arthur Harris, Sir William Harris, and Sir Arthur Harris (again) in order. That last Sir Arthur Harris lived at Creeksea Place Manor which we will include a picture of below. But that first Sir Arthur Harris married into the House of Percy (Lady Joanna Percy, born at Alnwick). It is a bit distant, but desperate to be connected to Hogwarts!!!

Going back to the present day Percy family, here are some interior photos of the castle from Tatler.

We love seeing the blue & white ginger jars on the mantle in the picture below. The walls of books are something that could be imitated and often is with less ornate built-ins. However, it is taken to an extreme leaving no actual wall which gives a very cozy effect.

The church locations are very famous and we have included photos from their own websites which are iconic. The interior architecture is stunning in both and completely speaks for itself. No decorative accessories necessary.

Did you know the sets were real locations in Harry Potter? Happy Birthday, Harry!