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Photographer: Kelbert McFarland Photography


Happy Birthday Harry's Houses

Yesterday in history, 35 years ago, Prince Harry was born. We are going to look back at where he grew up and see if we can figure out where he is living today- there is a lot of controversy surrounding his living arrangements with unpopular wife Meghan Markle, with many saying they are being unofficially banished due to some of her behavior. It is pretty clear they are no longer living at Kensington Palace where he grew up. One of our longtime favorite blogs, Cote de Texas, extensively covered the apartment at Kensington that the Duke grew up in so we will not re-invent the wheel and want to just post a few highlights from her research.

First up: Royals, they're just like us. They had laminate countertops in their retro houses...do like the carpet in here though. We had one bathroom (inside our laundry room in the 90s) that had a mustard yellow? laminate countertop. It has been replaced and I think we can all be glad this look has died.

Next, we love this photo of Diana outside the apartment as it was decorated for Christmas. What an amazing garland!

The apartment was decorated by Dudley Poplak. Here is the lobby area in a cheery yellow with a pink skirted table. We would be interested to get a closer look at those prints on the wall.

Next is the main staircase which is in the same yellow with amazing details and a portrait of Diana among a few other pieces of art.

The drawing room focal point is a big tapestry (just like in our own living room). Accents are chinoiseries like the lamps and large planter seen in blue and white. Below is a view of the other side of the room.

This photo shows collections of what look like Staffordshire figurines or something similar and a large rooster that appears to be a Herend piece.

We love this picture of William and Harry "playing" the piano where you can see many framed family photos. We love this collected frames look and we sell a TON of vintage and antique frames so if you want to recreate something like this on top of your piano of table, we have you covered.

The dining room is above, not set up. Love these chairs!

This room is Diana's sitting room which displays her personal items and collections. Charles' is below.

After getting married it was expected that Harry would continue to live at Kensington Palace like William. However they made an official separation from Kensington Palace Court and were given Frogmore Cottage by the Queen to live in. Frogmore Cottage is a 5 bedroom house on the Frogmore Estate property.

Vicky Charles who was the designer for Soho Farm House was hired to re-do the house , which upset many British citizens. There are no pictures of the interior updates. Frogmore Cottage is not to be confused with the grand Frogmore House of which there are many photos to see and has long been open to the public. Maybe Harry and Meghan will release some interior photos once renovations are complete. However rumors have started (further banishment speculation) that the couple are moving to Africa soon. We will be following!