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Hocus Pocus House (Part 2)

Today in history (1693) the Salem Witch Trials ended. There is only one house left in Salem that was involved with the trials which we recently wrote about. For this post, since I just watched Hocus Pocus again last night, we want to look at the Dennison's house. The house is located at 8 Ocean Avenue in Salem. It is right on the water, as you can see when the witches fly in the movie. This is one house we didn't go by on our recent trip to Salem so sadly I do not have my own photo!

The house was built in the Victorian era, clearly. While there are not great photos online of the house, there are many on one of our favorite instagram accounts, Purely Salem. However in the movie, we get to see some shots from inside the house (below).

We love the interior paneling, french doors, trimwork, and built-ins.

Max's room adjoins to the cupola and is in the area of the house in which the roof is slanted. This type of bedroom feels quintessentially NE to me and reminds me of both my own and my husband's childhood bedrooms. Mine was a Cape Cod revival in Dallas and my slanted walls were behind a dormer. His was a historic Dutch colonial house in the Hudson Valley and his room was in the old slave quarters. I love the ships wallpaper.

I also always loved Max's bedding because it reminded me of my purple L.L. Bean sleeping bag growing up. Maybe it was L.L. Bean?

Here is Max throwing a tantrum in his cupola. The perfect place to do it! Love the color of the stairs and how they are painted. One of my other favorite things in the Dennison house is that there is a painting of the house hanging by the downstairs staircase where the family takes their picture in their Halloween costumes.

I have actually googled to see where I could maybe find the painting because movie props are often sold after filming. I was so happy to discover a new artist on Purely Salem today, Patty Bonner. She is from Salem and is a folk artist and has paintings which include the Dennison house.

You can see the whole Dennison family in the painting and the witches and Allison. I need it! I highly suggest checking out Folk Art By Patty and Purely Salem if you love Halloween and Salem too.