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Photographer: Kelbert McFarland Photography


Parent Trap House

Today in (fictional) history, Hallie Parker and Annie James were born! While the twins are not real, and at that, not even played by real twins like the Olsens, the houses in the movie are. So today we will take a look at those places as imagined by Nancy Meyers. The house in London where Annie is from is in Kensington. A few years ago I went by with my sister and we were lucky enough to run into the owners as they were walking home so they let us in the gate and took a picture for us posing like the twins (looking silly). Unfortunately this picture is from when everyone still used those hipster instagram filters...

Below is what the whole house looks like.

From Hooked On Houses

The inside of the house reminds me of Princess Diana's Kensington apartment which we covered in another post. Natasha Richardson also reminded me of Diana in this movie (purposefully I think as it came out in 1998).

I love the orange for the walls and always love a gallery wall going up the stairs. Growing up ours were family photos/portraits/silhouettes but anything will work. A staircase is the perfect place for a collection.

Another great wall choice by Elizabeth James (have to assume she may have designed her own house as she was a wedding dress designer?) is the moire in the bedroom.

The dining room is formal, with a green damask and gilded mirrors and frames. It looks like there are some silver sets among other interesting collected items on the buffet and on shelves below the mirror too. One of my favorite parts of the movie growing up was the grandfather because he was just like my English grandfather (peppermint and pipe tobacco) who I posted some about before.

Here is a view of the living room and dining room in which we can see the architectural detail behind the "Welcome Home Annie" sign. I went to summer camp in 1998 at Camp Waldemar and my sister made a welcome home sign for my room that I never took down until maybe college. Side note- I always thought Camp Walden was modeled after my camp since it was a girls camp where we wore the same white uniforms, however I think there are several similar camps out there.

Now for Hallie Parker's house in Napa. Or as she says: "I live in Napa, that's in Northern California, and I live next door to a vineyard." "A whatyard?!" I am sad to say I have never thought to visit this house while in the area. It is a real vineyard, Staglin Family Vineyard!

Here is the real pool, that we all wanted Meredith Blake to fall into.

Here is the living room which is all super exaggerated in scale. It looks similar to the way the Stagins decorate it (below).

The kitchen is the perfect provencale blue with carrera marble and some butcher's block counters possibly as well.

The only other room we really get to see is Hallie's.

The unstained wood is perfect for the rustic vineyard and I love the color of green on the walls. I had a lavender room when this movie came out but it didn't take long for me to ask to paint it green. That about sums up the Parker sisters' houses. I am definitely going to this vineyard next time I go to Napa. And I may just have to go back by the house in London on my upcoming trip!