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Photographer: Kelbert McFarland Photography


Silver Jubilee

Today is the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's 1977 Silver Jubilee. Because she became Queen so unexpectedly young, her Silver Jubilee fell around when she was 50 like many people's Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary happens to. We aren't sure what special gifts the Queen received to commemorate this milestone but the traditional gift for the wedding anniversary is of course silver. However, we want to talk about the commemorative items that were produced all over Britain today along with her event. The event was actually a huge tour of the UK and other Commonwealth countries. February 6th were the official celebratory services.

From BBC

Above is Queen Elizabeth in her carriage and wearing pink with pearls. Flowers that you can barely see are white- orchids and baby's breath. This combo is actually what my best friend will have at her wedding next month- how appropriate.

The souvenirs are obviously vintage now that she has passed her DIAMOND Jubilee and is the longest reigning monarch. Above is a little trinket dish by Wood & Sons that I took from my grandparent's estate. They were both 100% British in heritage so they could be considered Anglophiles and liked to travel to the UK and I assume that is where this came from. I normally keep it in my makeup drawer with tweezers and such in it but I cleared it off for a picture and I now think this needs to go out on an end table somewhere. I love coat of arms designs.

The piece of pottery here is for sale right now in our shop. It is such a pretty mug and just looks so English! We will link it here in case you are also an Anglophile and interested in purchasing. This would look lovely used as a vase of flowers I think.