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Photographer: Kelbert McFarland Photography


The Monroe Doctrine of Home Decor

We are continuing our presidential home design & decor series with the family homes of President James Monroe. The Monroe family was banished to the Virginia Colony from Scotland by Oliver Cromwell, where they continued to thrive and became planters. Before coming to America, the family name was actually clan Munro, and they presided over Katewell in Scotland and were previously the barons of Foulis for centuries- all the way back to circa 1066. Before that time their line was Princes and Kings of Fermanagh (in Ireland). The below ancestral home, Enniskillen Castle of Fermanagh, possibly was built after the time of the Monroe ancestors' rule but gives an idea of the type of power this family had even so long ago.

From Enniskillen Castle Museums

When Clan Munro was formed, the family seat would have been another castle. One which was built and then torn down and built again is the following, Teaninich Castle in Ross. It is presently a hotel. Though clan Munro is still very much intact. I will include wedding photos from the latest heirs and heiresses.

From Wikipedia

From Clan Munro Association of Canada

The clan also occupied Foulis Castle, pictured below.

From Clan Munro