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The Other Boleyn Girl

We watched this movie (Natalie Portman & Scarlett Johansson) on Friday and I loved the costumes so much. My husband told me to download the app Wish which allows you to buy items cheaply direct from China and oddly enough I scrolled by a copy of Anne's necklace from the movie as I was watching. I think this app would be great for any knock-off item you are looking for but I have not purchased anything yet.

You can get your own made-in-china version of this but only if your last name starts with B- which mine happens to

Though I think the title of this movie was a reference to the fact that the family expected Anne would just be "the other Boleyn girl" because they did not expect much from her, the real other Boleyn girl who you will likely not have heard of was Mary. She was actually our many times great grandmother as we discovered in our genealogy so that made the movie more interesting to see.

Anne and Mary Boleyn

I loved their Tudor headpieces and earrings as well. The headpieces Kate Middleton has been wearing lately remind me of an updated version of these.

Kate in her headpiece at Christening

Beyond the costumes, the sets were also wonderful. I really like Tudor style and live in a town that has a lot of Tudor Revival as it emerged in the 20s. As an American Antiques & Vintage shop, we don't often come across pieces actually from this time period naturally but we do collect ones inspired by it from the early 20th century. However, my husband was given a wooden chest from this time period or possibly even earlier by his parents which he stored video games in his "man cave" inside. After taking our Christmas tree down, we relocated the trunk to the foot of our bed and I am loving how much it grounds the room.

James IV and Margaret Tudor wedding chest

We promise, if we stumble across another chest like this one or the one we have, we will put it up for sale but until then, we will just collect those inspired pieces!