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Photographer: Kelbert McFarland Photography


The Space Race President's House

Today in history in 1969 the Apollo 11 astronauts received their awards at a state dinner hosted by Nixon in L.A. Today's post will be short on President Richard Nixon as he does not have a grand ancestral home for us to show in England like the rest of the presidents' we have covered so far (due to his Quaker roots). His family came to America in the 17th century from Staffordshire, England but there is not much info on them there. I hope they were painting King Charles spaniels! His grandfather moved west to Ohio and his father moved further west to California where he was born. His father built a craftsman bugalow on their ranch in the early 20th century and as someone renting an early 20th century craftsman bunglow which used to be painted white, I am loving this house.

Our fireplace was removed and our house was painted tan so it does not resemble this anymore. But this has inspired me to post about it soon and more on the interiors I think match this style house.