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Photographer: Kelbert McFarland Photography


Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

Today in history over 70 years ago Queen Wilhemina passed her rule to her daughter Juliana. She was born in the 19th century at Noordeinde Palace in The Hague, which is the current working palace for King Willem-Alexander. The following pictures are a copy & paste from the blog Royal Family Around the World as I do not know much about the current Dutch monarchy other than what Queen Maxima wears. Also that I love the Wilhemina mints you can get at Trader Joes now!

Below is the palace view from outside and then I will get into the interiors...

According to the Royal Family Around the World blog, the palace was only opened to the public 3 years ago. The interiors are difficult to find images of so this is probably the case. Below are a few main rooms.

The house was a farmhouse in the 16th century and you can see traces of the original structure in parts of the palace. It was bought by the royal family around the turn of the 17th century and expanded upon.

The palace is full of fine porcelain like these urns. And naturally other priceless antiques pictured below including portraiture. We particularly love this gold umbrella stand:

The palace is filled with marble and has a clean look despite being architecturally detailed.

When Kate Middelton recently visited the Netherlands, she was met at the royals' other residence, Villa Eikenhorst. In those event photos, you can see a more casual living style for the Dutch monarchs.

We love the juxtaposition of the sisal rug and roosters on the table to their left, with the formality of some of the furniture. We will try to cover more of this family as we learn more about them!